Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Xtra Factor 2009

I got a call last week from the producer of Xtra Factor (the sister program of reality talent contest show X Factor)asking me to appear on their show. unfortunately they wanted to film the following day as the show was being aired on the sunday evening. I reluctantly had to decline their offer of using my services as vocal coach as my schedule was full on the day of filming. These things happen at times!!!

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Anonymous said...

Probably the one where the dog had to be told it cannot sing - they asked me, too.
However, I politely declined, since stuff like that is just plain ridiculous. If I remember it right, the poor sould who did in the end was on it for 30 sec, and her name wasn't even mentioned. Ah well, nice to advertise being a "star coach" though, even if it just for a dog ...

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