Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Todays Tip On Good singing

Don't take any dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter or chocolate on a day when you are going to sing.
Taking dairy products causes a sticky film to form on your vocal chords and makes it extremely difficult to control your voice.
Make sure you drink plenty of water in order to keep your vocal chords hydrated.

Taken from The Singing Tutor E-Book

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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

X Factor Winner gets £100k for five songs.

X Factor winner Leona Lewis was flown from Los Angeles to Glasgow and paid £100,000 to sing five songs at a birthday party.
Bra tycoon Michelle Mone payed the extorionate price as a surprise for husband Micheal's 40th birthday.
Leona has become Michael's favourite singer since appearing on ITV's The X Factor reality talent show.
Nice work if you can get it!
Michelle also gave hubby a new Bentley and flew guests to Barcelona to finish the party.

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Monday, 26 March 2007

Vocal Exercise

I can't stress enough how important it is to do regular vocal exercises.
This is especially true if you are not singing for a few days.
An Olympic runner doesn't wait until he's on the starting blocks to get ready for the race.
We don't see the months of intense training that is carried out before this race.
Like the Olympic runner it is important for singers to learn the correct methods of singing and to exercise the voice in order to keep a good and strain free vocal sound.

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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Backing Tracks

I went to see a singer working self contained (using backing tracks) a few days ago.
She was a good looking girl, with a good voice, nice stage presence and a good P.A. system.
Did I enjoy the show?
So what was the problem you're probably asking?
The problem was her backing tracks. She had paid great attention to everything in her act except her tracks.
Don't get me wrong some of them were very good, but that was the problem. In amongst the few good quality tracks were tracks from karaoke discs which had fade outs (very unprofessional), tracks made directly from midi files which included the melody line and badly recorded tracks.
Most of the tracks played at different volumes so she spent most of her act making adjustments at the mixer.
I always advise singers to get all their tracks from one source, that way they are guaranteed to be the same quality and play at the same volume.
For great quality backing tracks, listen to some of the samples at and you'll see what I mean.
This cabaret act had obviously spent a lot of time and effort getting her act polished and yet it was all for nothing as it was spoiled by bad music.
Don't let your stage performance be ruined by inferior backing tracks.

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